Monday, May 15, 2017

Melbourne Trip - Pre.

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Assalamualaikum..wowwww. It has been quite a while since the last post. It is now 2017!!!
Boleh tergelak baca post lama2. Masa bujang2. I am now a mother of 2..and is now pursuing my study..(tak serik kan?)

Anyway I will blog about that later if I have time. I will also update my 'About Me' tab you see up there. Obviously, it needs major re-vamp!

So, I am thinking of sharing my experience during our stay in Melbourne. I guess it would help those who are googling about tips to MEL, because honestly I did A LOT of fact findings and tips from bloggers.

It is the month of May and Zaime thought that it would be great to celebrate Mothers day + our anniversary there. In MEL, month of May would be the end of autumn and the entering of winter. So winter gears are very important. Since we are not frequent travelers and Malaysia does not require winter clothes, we have decided to just borrow them from my colleague, bro in law and sis in law. hehe. Jimat di situ. Alhamdulillah.

Any special attraction during autumn season? NO. So maybe thats why the flight fare was quite reasonable: dalam RM1000 return tickets per head, sekali dengan seat, makan and additional luggage. (biasala Air Asia semua nak kena bayar asing!).

Travelling during summer is not advisable because the temp will raise as high as 46 degree! Panaih lit lit. Spring is the best because they will have Tesselaar Tulip Festival and travelling during that season will be practically perfect especially when you are carrying kids or elders. Flight fare during spring normally mahal sikit. Winter is okay because you will get to play snow at few places such as Mount Baw Baw.

So things you need to do pre-MEL vacation is:

1. Don't forget to check your passports.
2. Apply for VISA. Kami buat di RM20 satu VISA.
3. Booking hotel or apartment siap2. Kami book di City Tempo via expedia.
4. Booking kereta if you decide to drive. Kami book Hyundai Santa Fae via APEX car rental.
5. Booking park ticket siap2. I will share this later.

So just a sum-up of our tentative. For those who wants a short trip, yang terbaik is 5 days, but 4 days pun dah okay, insyaAllah.
When I shared this tentative in tripadvisor, all these mat mat salleh kata it is impossible! No way jose you can achieve this with a 3 yr old and 1 yr old baby! Noo! Too ambitious!
But guess what, Alhamdulillah, we did it!. I add some few places that we discovered during our journey. InsyaAllah I will blog in details about each days.

Day 1
One round with City Circle Tram
The Parliment
Federation Square
Melbourne park
Flinders Street
Hosier Lane
Bourke Street Mall
Coles-beli barang2 keperluan

Day 2
San Remo Newheaven
Maru Koala Park
Phillip Island - The Nobbies
Phillip Island - The Penguin Parade

Day 3
Victoria Market
Great Ocean Road - The Apollo Bay
Great Ocean Road - The Princetown
Great Ocean Road - The 12 Apostles
Point Cook

Day 4
Brighton Beach
Borthwick Park Playground
Puffing Billy Train
Melbourne University
Royal Botanic Park



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